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I’ve been hoping for something like this to come along for a long time. In the short time I have used the program I can see its benefits across all grades. Well done! – Greg Costello, Music Teacher, Figtree Heights Public School, Woollongong

  • In the multimedia world of click-throughs and sound bites, are our students processing anything? Are they listening? Are they comprehending? Are they appreciating? Are they responding?
  • Do you want to introduce your students to classical music but don’t know how?

Listening Room invites students to imagine, explore and create. They will listen, move, dance, play instruments & body percussion, role-play, experience relaxation techniques, draw & paint, discuss and reflect, complete quizzes … and be exposed to amazing and timeless classics. They will also be learning (or reinforcing) musical elements – such as beat, rhythm, melody, form, tempo, dynamics, texture, style etc.


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