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Music Room Tech - Technology projects for the music classroom

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Boomwhacker Notation Set

Music Room Tech Signature Rongtones Cover
Ever wanted to add new technologies to your music class -
but never really knew how?

Watch the first in a series of videos about using technology in your music classroom.

Cheryl Burgemeister (creator of THE INTERACTIVE MUSIC ROOM) can show you many easy and exciting ways to do this. Her new series, MUSIC ROOM TECH contains step by step tutorials and resources that will level you up and get you teaching like a pro.

Working with new technologies can be a bit scary – so let Cheryl guide you by breaking down the technology and stepping you through. She'll have you digitally literate in no time, enjoying the magic of technology with your students.
Let Cheryl help you transform your music room.

Here are easy, fun and engaging ways for your students to explore and manipulate technology and create genuine music education outcomes - using iPads and easily available apps.

These are teacher digital resources that give you all the information you need to present exciting and interesting tech based music lessons. You can project or download and print charts, play audio and in some cases video directly from your iPad or computer to your projector or IWB. All is explained and links for additional resources, both for you and your students, are included.

Catch up with the latest in technology in the music room with Cheryl's Blog - mrsbmusicroom

More videos from Cheryl

Scratch Coding

Ever thought - Gee - I'd like to grab my students' interest by using exciting new technologies in my music class - but never really knew how?
Let Cheryl Burgemeister show you loads of easy and exciting ways to do it.

To find out more about or to purchase Cheryl's Scratch coding titles, click on the product images at the top of the page.

Scratch Coding and Makey Makey

Cheryl tells you more about Scratch coding and using the Makey Makey system to create your own instruments.

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