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Running Interactive Music Room on Widows 8

Easiteach on Windows 8

Music Room on Windows 8
Easitech needs to be told to run in "Compatability Mode".
Here is how to do it.

1. Find Windows Explorer on your desktop

2. Click on the icon to open it.
Your screen should look something like this.

3. Type the word "RMeasiteach" into the search box (as seen under the magnifying glass).

You should see the RMeasiteach.exe program displayed just like below in blue.

4. Right click on the RMeasiteach filename in blue.
You should get a menu like the one below.

5. Choose "Properties" as in the picture above.
Your screen should look like the picture below.
6. Choose "Compatability" from the tabs.

7. Tick "Run this program in compatability mode for:"
8. Choose Windows 7
9. Press "Apply"

Now run Interactive Music Room in the normal way.

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