A fully comprehensive developmental music program in 7 levels.

Suitable for students in beginning – upper primary school.
Fully complies with Australian Curriculum standards
and includes full assessment guides.

Our Music Room Connect versions of eMusic Room have now been replaced by our new subscription versions available on the Campion Reader. Tap here to learn more.

eMusic Room can be taught by music specialist and general classroom teacher alike. All lesson plans, audio tracks, audio demonstration tracks and audio backing tracks – along with demonstration and classroom videos – are available on your iPad, Android Tablet, Notebook and your Mac (OS X) and PC (Windows).

Download supplementary
resource pdfs here.

Certificates, Content Checkers,
Outcomes Trackers and Proformas
in pdf form.

The seven levels of eMusic Room for Music Room Connect are being progressively added
You will find information about the 7 levels of Music Room by clicking or tapping here.