A comprehensive classroom music program by Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.

Written for students in their third year of primary school.

Continuing to build on skills and concepts covered in Music Rooms 1-2Music Room 3 introduces: structure & expression (form, dynamics, tempo, tone, colour, texture), music from found objects, home-made instruments, soundscapes, further explorations of context & style  and an end-of–year concert.

Detailed description

We have the contents page for eMusic Room 3 available for you as a pdf.
Each lesson is clickable from the contents page making it easy to quickly access the lessons you are teaching.

PDF copy of Contents Page

Product Samples

View of Unit 3, Lesson 8 – Sound Sorting: All MP3 files click and play instantly using the MRC Reader app, and charts click to enlarge.

PDF copy of unit 3, Lesson 8