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The Baroque Explained – Extension Activities

We have some more videos for you – and a little more to think about. Enjoy!

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Musical Texture
(Definition of Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic, Heterophonic Textures)
Created by Alisha Nypaver and Ephraim Schäfli.

A great little video that sums it all up!.

Monophony, homophony, polyphony
Short explainer.

Songs Inspired By Bach

Did you know Paul Simon and Paul McCartney borrowed from Bach.
And that Bach borrowed from others before him?
And that there is another feature of Baroque Music called Counterpoint?

David Bennet can tell you more …
Bach’s music is an endless source of inspiration for songwriters and composers across the musical spectrum. Sometimes the fact that a song was influenced by Bach is impossible to miss. But other times it’s so subtle that you would only know if the songwriter actually admitted that Bach was the kicking-off point for their tune.

Lots of other cool stuff from David here

Handel Sarabande in D Minor HWV 437 (La Folia)
Voices of Music

A beautiful rendition of the Sarabande on original (period) instruments.
arranged by Voices of Music. Cello solo improvised by William Skeen

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