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Trumpet Voluntary
(Prince of Denmark’s March c 1700)
Jeremiah Clarke (English 1674-1707, baroque period)
The march was written in honour of Prince George of Denmark
husband of Queen Anne of Great Britain.
It was also played during the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981

David Willcocks arranged the version for this wedding and he had to make it twice as long.
He explains why in this video and plays a special version that uses BOTH the organ and brass.
A trumpet voluntary is most commonly played on the organ using the trumpet stop.

Also Sprach Zarathustra, Fanfare ‘Sunrise’
(from tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra 1896)
Richard Strauss (German 1864-1949, late romantic period)
The fanfare is the introduction to a 30 minute piece which was inspired by the philosophical novel of the same name by Friedrich Nietzsche.
The composer called those familiar 3 notes (C-G-C) the ‘dawn motif’.

Here is a version from the 1968 Stanley Kubrik film,
2001 A Space Oddysey
This is the opening sequence.

And we cannot let this one go without watching the tympanist going for it on his - well - tympani
... and the brass players going for it on thet ... brass instruments. Can you name some of them?

An American in Paris (1928)
George Gershwin (American, 1898-1937, modern period)
An American in Paris is a jazz-influenced symphonic poem inspired by the time the composer spent in Paris.
When it was first performed in New York in December 1928 it used taxi horns which Gershwin brought back from Paris.

Piano Concerto No23 – 2nd Movement (1786)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (German 1756-1791, classical period)
A concerto is an extended piece in three movements for orchestra and solo instrument.
Mozart wrote 27 piano concerti as well as concerti for violin, flute, French horn and clarinet.

Here is another famous Mozart Piano Concerto
Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major - English Chamber Orchestra
Mitsuko Uchida conducts the orchestra from the piano and tells us all about how she feels about listening to and playing Mozart.

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