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The Carnival of the Animals

The Royal March of the Lion

from Carnival of the Animals

Carnival of the Animals from Bushfire Press Adapted and arranged by Lauren Fairbairn, with poems by Rob Fairbairn, Saint-Saens' immortal collection of whimsical pieces has been brought to the classroom in this elegant suite for descant recorder.
12 pieces, each with 3 parts.

Each piece has an introductory poem written by Rob Fairbairn. The poems are as whimsical as the musical pieces and are included on the CD.

A great concert item/performance piece. With the recorder parts and the reading of the poems - you have a great, ready-made concert item. Add some dancers to perform appropriate movements and you can make it even better!

Poem - The Royal March of the Lion

The lion is the King of Beasts
In his neck of the woods, at least
With gleaming teeth and regal mane
One could forgive him being vain

For when they see him march along
The jungle birds burst into song
And when they hear his mighty roar
The other animals go "Whoa!"

Listen to the poem.

Ensemble - The Royal March of the Lion
Listen to all the parts together - the Ensemble.

The Three Recorder Parts
Click on the page image to the right for the sheet music for three recorder parts.

Piano Score
Click on one of the the images below
for the piano score.

Demos for recorder parts and piano.
Click on the lion for demo tracks.

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